Monday, December 21, 2009

Another 22 days - and finally Puerto Montt

As can be seen from the map, the winds have been very uneven this leg of Anastasia's journey - contrary to the strong favourable winds that were reasonably expected, winds have often been weak, with a memorable night of becalmed, black, mirrorlike ocean reported on December 14th.
All in all 32 days at sea, often very trying for the patience.

The support team at home in Sweden has had a dark and weary December (lots of work) - sorry fo not keeping up better with the English summaries. Our role has been to wait eagerly for the blog report each day, and mark the position off on the map. Since the posts from French Polynesia usually arrived on the Net after SOLB (Swedish Old Lady Bedtime), it has been very noticeable that Anastasia has drawn nearer and nearer across the time zones.

We have also kept a lookout for reports from Erik and Samuel on Facebook and on their Googlemap - they've been waiting in Puerto Montt for a couple of days, and seem to have had no further mishaps after losing Erik's camera to a robber in Santiago del Chile on one of the first days.

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