Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching up with the summaries

The English summaries have suffered badly from the internet connection problems the Gothenburg Editorial Office of this blog has had for the past month, since moving. Things should be back to normal now.

Last day previously summarized was Day 15 out from San Diego - nearing French Polynesia.

Monday, Day 16: Crossed the equator. More rig damage - inner forestay broken. Provisionally replaced by an arrangement with the storm-sail (the summarizer as a landlubber obviously has no idea how to express these things, even when consulting a dictionary).

Monday extra: Having a good time in spite of rigging repairs and shifting weather. Steak suppers, seawater baths in the cockpit.

Tuesday, Day 17: Steady sailing, easterly wind.

Wednesday, Day 18: A tsunami warning beep from the Inmarsat: Samoa = as far away from Anastasia's position as San Diego. The wave imperceptible: a 0.1 m wave should have passed at around 22h, U.T.C.

Thursday, Day 19: Arrival at Nuku Hiva, Marquesas: green and mountainous. Anchorage in Taiohae Bay.

More on Thursday: Housecleaning on Anastasia, buying fresh fruit in Taiohae. Land sickness - heads, adapted to constant motion, spinning as AK an Th walk along the village street. Champagne celebration in the evening.

Friday: Clearing in at the gendarmerie, which is only open in the mornings. No problem that the clearance out from San Diego was not in paper form. No deposit for EU citizens!

Sunday: The green, green mountains are explained by a more or less constant rain. Well, better rainwater than saltwater permeating everything.

Monday: Visiting Yacht Service, where the tempo is s l o w. It has taken three days to convince them to take the laundry. Too much rain, not good enough water. Refilling the bottled gas... well it'll hopefully get done before departure.

Tuesday: Got the bottled gas. Laundry drying in the rain. Leaving for Tuamotoas soon as S&H arrive.

Wednesday: No rain. A big cruiser visiting the bay - Yacht Service doing business with the passengers, forgetting all about the laundry. Well, got it back in the afternoon, with a discount.

Thursday: The guests have arrived. Sailing tomorrow.

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