Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fakarava week

A week spent around the Fakarava atoll.

Sunday: Guest blogging by Suss. Having an appointment at Fakarava airstrip Anastasia and crew did not stay long enough on Makemo for the post office (where wifi acces could be paid for) to open on Monday. Suss, unable to access her own blog by Iridium, posts her vivid description of Captain and Captainess navigating the witch kettle of the atoll pass. The summarizer thinks she's pretty impressed, though she is working hard at coming across as super cool, "what's all the fuss about?"

Monday: On the way from Makemo to Fakarava. Hans, who lost TWO fishing lines to a couple of BIG tuna fish the other day, got an ugly fella on the hook. Looked like a barracuda, but the barracuda pages were missing in the book, fish identified as possibly a wahoo instead. Pictures on Suss' blog.

Tuesday: Fakarava. A the K posting over the post office wifi - sitting 20 meters away from the office because of the very limited range. Anyway: we get a picture of the captains and the turqoise water of the lagoon. Another couple of guests have arrived, Anastasia now accommodates six persons.

Thursday: Still in the Fakarava lagoon, anchored away from the populated parts, diving, snorkling, exploring the reef.

Friday: Going to leave Fakarava through the south pass. Taking pictures of Anastasia under sail, from the dinghy - the summarizer does hope the pix turned out, that the plan wasn't cut short because of the autopilot alarm - which, after all, was only caused by one of the passengers having chosen the wrong spot to read his Åke Edwardsson.

Saturday: On the way to Tahiti. Hans gets his revenge on tuna-dom by catching a 7kg specimen. Supper for the whole crew for a couple of days at least. Report from the reef days: plenty of sharks, mostly on the parts of the reef too shallow for snorkling. Shark watching by wading - hard to tell who was most afraid of whom.

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