Sunday, September 6, 2009


* New batteries installed on Monday morning by repairman Eric.
* Monday: SAILING. Passing the Golden Gate bridge, westbound, 4pm. WITH the tide and AGAINST the wind. Choppy. Later, out on the Pacific, almost windless with a long, slow, nauseating swell
* Tuesday: A the K on the night watch. Monterey and Carmel behind them. Steady wind from the rear, black night with a narrow strip of moonlight. Later increasing wind, had to take in sail. Making very good speed. Check out the map.
* Wednesday: Second night. Entering Santa Barbara Channel. Finding their routines - taking turns sleeping. Th wakes A the K up at dawn to see the dolphins. At least 30 individuals - two or three pods, gathered to check out Anastasia and follow in her wake for a while... smiling their dolphin smiles, then hurrying on. Going to a dolphin staff meeting, sez A the K.
* Thursday: Dana Point - goal of the first leg of the trip. Visiting Th's uncle Karl Erik. Arrived past midnight, just found a quay-berth and went to sleep. Woken up by a grumpy and dissatisfied Harbour Master at six. Made arrangements with the yacht club, supposedly including wifi - but the password won't work.
* Friday: Posting from Starbucks - still no wifi. Checking the blog and reading comments (which is not possible over Iridium). Will remain at Dana Point until Tuesday, waiting for a spare relay for the AIS.

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