Monday, November 9, 2009

Society islands

Tahiti -Moorea - Tahiti - Moorea - then on to Raiatea & Tahaa. Picking up guests, sending other guests home. Two weeks in the Society islands, still there. Do check the map.

Sunday, October 25: arriving to Papeete, Tahiti in the evening. Going to buy lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the morning. In the Tuamotos all you get is coconuts.

Monday morning: change of anchorage from Papeete harbour to Marina Taina, not all that far away.

Tuesday: Re-stocking, not least fruit and veggies. Fuel refill. Maintenance work. Negotiations with the riggers in the marina about repairs for the broken forestay.

Wednesday: Crossing to Moorea.

Thursday: Anchoring in Robinson Cove, Moorea. Thursday afternoon: Two whales resting in the bay, mother and child. A substantial audience of dinghies and canoes. Some even went whale watching by swimming - two of the guests on Anastasia among others. Unforgettable!

Sunday, November 1st: Back at Marina Taina. The forestay finally fixed, replacing the broken rod with a wire. Rain. A new pair guests arrived in the morning, and the couple that signed on at Fakarava left for Sweden in the evening. Ready to sail northwest. Sunday evening: Back at Moorea, this time anchoring in Cook's Bay. Will set sail Monday evening, to sail by night towards the Leewards. May cross paths with the great outrigger canoe race.

Tuesday: Uturoa, Raiatea turned out to be most suitable for watching the outriggers arivving after the first part of the canoe race.

Thursday: Sailing inside the reef that encloses the islands of Raiatea and Tahaa. Good wind, calm sea. Watching the outrigger race again, off Patio.

Friday: Taking the Vanilla Tour of Tahaa with Alain the botanist. Googling to find out more about where on western Tahaa we find "Vanilla Tours" (Hurepiti Bay) you may observe that the tours are famous - and that more than one blogger has arrived to find them already booked for weeks and weeks.

Bora Bora next?

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