Sunday, August 30, 2009

Second week in Alameda

Utsikt mellan båtar - på FlickrAs busy as the first.

* A the K goes grocery shopping on a large scale, observing logistics problems at the supermarket: each can must be scanned individually at the checkout. No programming for scanning just one can and entering "times X".
* The service guys who come to set up the new wind meter fail to get the antenna cable down through the main mast "it's stuck - you have to take off the mast" - Thomas shows them the way by getting a weighted nylon cord through. Piece of cake for a Swedish sailor. Well, there won't be any service guys out on the Pacific.
* Two days in Nelsons Marine - Anastasia up for a paint job. Two days = two layers of paint. While the Nelsoners take care of the paint, the Anastasia crew services gaskets and o-rings and cares for the crusty surface of rudder and propeller. End result: Anastasia is tip top under the waterline
* Including a new 50 kg anchor - the old 20 kg anchor not heavy enough for the Patagonian archipelago. As the wise New Zealander would have it: "When people start laughing at your anchor, THEN you know you're beginning to get it right.
* Weather in Alameda has been summer hot. R&R for the crew has included première steaks on the LPG grill and going to Fisherman's Wharf for crab. Everything has gone according to schedule, sailing on Monday!


  1. A Google translation of the previous post says "We are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary of today, the weather has been pressing strongly for a few days. We decided to go into SanFransisco in the evening. We ate a good crab among the tourists at Fisherman Wharf. We ate at the same place as we were the night before we went out and looked at our boat the first time. We are still just as excited as the boat we were on time. Now we are stowing down the final provisions, there is not room for much more now."

    Not quite right - but not bad either

  2. Det har varit spännande att höra om era förberedelser. Det är nästan som om man känner sig lite grann med där i sittbrunn när ni lättar ankar på måndag. All lycka med första benet. Ser fram emot att höra från er igen!